Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Survived the First Day of Blogging

Well Survived the first day, go me.. and I'm back ! (I know.. how horrible of me torturing you to yet another read!) 

I've been in search of photos from when I first started crafting, and I just cannot find them.. Either I deleted them due to sheer embarrassment or they magically disappeared from the computer as most things do! 

But, instead I'm adding one of my all time favourites that I made for a special little girl earlier in the year, the lady that ordered the card, told me of such bravery this little girl has gone through and for me, it made the card so much more special with the story behind it. This is why I love to make cards, these special times.

Now, my dilemma of the day .... I ordered a Zutter Machine last week and it arrived, all looking good... Instruction manual included, its a cute little machine actually, and the purpose of it is to bind books, which I have a couple to make.  In the meantime, the instructions manual has been thrown across the room in a tantrum like state (taught well by my daughters of course), my fingers have been caught between the machine....It wasn't such a cute little machine at that point!! Now I understand why the foam was set in place there ..... I've yet to make a practice book before I commence on the REAL book.  Perhaps this will be my task for the day !

Anyway... I better go, The kettle is boiled, and for those that know me ... a cup of tea is a must ! While you've been reading this, I've been crafting away in hope that by the end of the day not only will my fingers still be intact, but a practice book will be complete along with some orders.

I bid you good day :)

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